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Lots of fun items!
February 2024
If you like flea markets, it is a fun visit. They’ve got food and live entertainment, and plenty of benches where your spouse can wait patiently for you.
Reviewed by Laura, Elhurst, IL

Enormous swap/thrift market
January, 2024

This was enormous! Every vendor seemed well-stocked and there was a huge variety of items available for purchase. The vendors were all very pleasant. We walked around for over two hours and didn’t get everywhere! There was something for everyone.
Reviewed by Gara R., Jacksonville, FL


Awesome location. So much to see in one place.
September, 2023
My family took us there and everyone was so nice. We found a great set of patio furniture and a cool outdoor double swing. Definitely come out and make time it’s huge.
Reviewed by Aria P., Fort Wayne, IN


A nice walk with lots to see and buy!
October, 2022
In town with my parents and it was the only thing on their ‘must see’ list and it didn’t disappoint. My dad was pushed around in a wheelchair and easily was able to get into store areas and see, touch and feel everything he wanted. We spent a couple hours wandering the stalls that were open (October) and only a few of the shops had ‘repeat’ type items so plenty of variety. Bring cash, or find the ATMs, for an additional discount in some shops. We got there early and it wasn’t too crowded or hot this time of year.
Reviewed by RareJule

So much to see, we go again and again!!
Reviewed, April, 2022
Great place to bring visiting family and friends. So much to see, always fun and exciting. Sometimes we go just to walk around and people watch. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by Punkin&Ducky, Mesa, AZ


Love Mesa Market! 5 long open-aired buildings. All new products despite ‘swap’ title.
March, 2021

Great way to get your steps. Unique gifts. Open aired buildings. Youngest there if you’re in your 50’s! Stimulating experience!
Reviewed by Victorias


Love the people loved the variety of items.
February, 2021
I loved, loved, loved this market. Everyone that worked there were so pleasant. You don’t find that often anymore.
People want to get out, people want to live, and to be able to support their families. This market is only open on the weekend but, I think it was worth the drive and I loved the things that I purchased. Someday when I buy a house I know the places I will be going back to purchase items, and this is one of those places.
I WOULD highly recommend!
Reviewed by CindyLou, Denver, CO



This place gave me sensory overload !
March, 2020
Upon arrival at the swap meet with my host, I couldn’t believe the size of the place. I have been to large swap meets before and enjoy them but this one is over the top. Most of it is all under 4 separate roofed buildings. No need to worry about the hot sun or rain.
It has nice wide paved aisles which makes it easy to walk through despite the hoards of people going in all directions. There are intersections just like streets and it’s easy to get “lost” there.
It was so much fun. We spent about 3 hours there and didn’t see every lane and alley but, to be honest, after a while I did begin to notice many duplicate stalls but we forged on because we were afraid we would miss something.
Anyway, I came back with a few treasures: among them was a throw blanket for a sofa in my den and several kitchen gadgets that I was never able to replace because I couldn’t find anywhere to buy them.
This place has everything !! Next time I’m down in Mesa the swap meet will be first on my list and I’ll bring an empty carry on bag for when I fly home .
Reviewed by Chuck E., Fircrest, WA


Love this place
May, 2019
I love going here. There is such a wide variety of items that you can get. The live entertainment is wonderful. When we were there, it was Memorial weekend and they had a very touching salute to all of the fallen soldiers and members of the military. This is a must see if you are ever in the Mesa area
Reviewed by Robyn K., Granger, IN


Mesa marketplace/ swapmeet
April, 2019
This place is very fun to go to with family, be prepared to spend the whole day there because it is very big. I have gone 3 times and have loved it every time. I recommend bringing visitors here to have some fun.
Reviewed by Joe, Mesa, AZ


Wonderful place to go to get some great bargains
April, 2019
We have been going here for 15 years already and keep going back over and over again. They have some great bargains on clothes, purses, food, home and yard decorations, etc., they even have food for sale, breakfast served till 10:30 am and lunch after that. Sit and enjoy the free live entertainment in the center court. You can buy just about anything there plus it is great exercise you have 4 aisles that are about the length of a football field or perhaps larger.
Reviewed by Arizonakat, Mesa, AZ


It’s a blast.
December, 2018
This is a massive flea market under tents with hundreds of vendors, some who have been there for years. Lots of stuff I would never buy, but there’s always something to bring home.
Look out for the metal and glass art coming in from Mexico. There are a couple of those vendors who are the most wonderful people.
There is food in a court in the centre of it all with some sometimes kitschy entertainment on the weekend. Last time I went the entertainer was a guy I knew but hadn’t seen in 45 years.
It’s a must go every time I’m in town.
Reviewed by AndersonSK, Saskatoon, Canada


5 of 5 starsMarch 20, 2015NEW
Whenever we are in the Mesa area, we make sure to stop here. It’s fantastic! All new items and very good prices. We have made many purchases here over the years. The only thing stopping us from more purchases is the weight restriction for luggage on airlines. It’s free to get in, so you don’t want to pass it up. Make sure you give yourself enough time to wander thru it all. There’s food available for purchase as well and picnic tables to sit. Certain times there is even musical entertainment. You won’t be disappointed you stopped and more than likely you will walk out with a great deal on something! 🙂
Reviewed by Sherry C. from Wadsworth
4 of 5 starsMarch 19, 2015
I’m not kidding. You have 4 long buildings to go through. You could take a couple of hours to go through two of the buildings and go another day to go through the other two, or take all day and go through all four. It might be a little overwhelming to do it all in one day, especially if it’s hot and busy. There is no charge to get in or to park. Open Fri-Sat-Sun 7:30-4:00. Each building has a place where you can get something to eat or drink, and in the middle, they have more of an eating area with picnic tables to sit down. They also have live music in that area where you can kick up your shoes and dance. Bathrooms are at either end. You have to experience the swap meet at least once. That is exactly what it is a swap meet. Something for all tastes.
Reviewed by Laura P.
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4 of 5 starsReviewed March 17, 2015
With over 1500 reported booths, you can find just about anything you might want to buy. People flock to this market and the aisles can get pretty crowded. Go early in the morning if it’s going to be hot as it gets pretty warm inside. It is entirely covered so you aren’t in the sun which is nice. Lots of fun things to see and even live music at times.
Reviewed by Mgalex from Bothell, Washington
5 of 5 starsMarch 17, 2015 via mobile
What an amazing place. Came here looking for something specific. (Ping tiles) And I found exactly what I was looking for and then some. Being from out of town I researched where to find what I was looking for and the Mesa Market popped up. So I went. Not what I expected, but so much more. Eveything imaginable can be found here from fine art to howling coyotes, antiques to modern outdoor kitchens. There was even a “tiny house” on wheels for sale. One word of advice come early, parking fills up and coming early allows you time to meander through all the shops.
Reviewed by Cindy M.